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Love Opens All

with Kymberly

Certified: ThetaHealer® | Reiki Master | Yoga Teacher (500hr) | Samassati Color Light Practitioner| Crystal Reader    

Meditation Guidance

What are the Benefits to Meditation?

Meditation has Scientifically been proven to have neurological benefits to the brain. According to Forbes Magazine, studies conducted at Harvard, Yale University, UCLA, and John Hopkins reported that meditation can help relieve "anxiety, depression, and improve attention, concentration, and overall psychological well-being."

Researcher Madhav Goyal from John Hopkins says, "A lot of people have this idea that meditation means sitting down and doing nothing. “But that’s not true. Meditation is an active training of the mind to increase awareness, and different meditation programs approach this in different ways.” Meditation isn’t a magic bullet for depression, as no treatment is, but it’s one of the tools that may help manage symptoms."

What should I expect during a Meditation Session?

During a meditation session you will meet your meditation guide and discuss what you hope to accomplish during the session. After your discussion, you will be guided to sit comfortably and close your eyes. The Meditation Guide will use a guided meditation and perhaps background music to meet the clients needs at that time. Then, the Meditation Guide will take you through a guided meditation for a duration that is best suited for you and your experience level. You will have time to Go Within to discover your Inner Truths. Once you're done with the meditation you will have time to share some questions that you have with your guide.

I know how to meditate...why should I use a Meditation Guide?

Sometimes it's beneficial to try something different, get out of your comfort zone, learn new techniques, or discover something new about yourself. We are surrounded by different energies and vibrations every day and when you meet your guide and merge in their sacred space, energy, and vibration, this can have many positive effects on your meditation and experience.

I do NOT have Meditation experience or I only have limited that okay?

All are Welcome! Whether you're a beginner or an avid meditator, everyone can benefit and learn something new from a meditation session.

What will I learn during a Meditation Session?

Every session will be uniquely designed for the client. Below are some things that a client might learn and practice during a session and incorporate into their own personal practice.

Learn & Practice:

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Focusing Techniques
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Energizing Techniques
  • Intuition Strengthening Techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Mantras

Remember everyone has uniquely different experiences during meditation and long after the session is over. Therefore, I encourage clients to try it for themselves and make up their own minds on whether they benefitted slightly or greatly from the experience rather than go by some other persons opinion or experience. The most important part is to have fun and try to enjoy the practice. My hope is that you discover something new about meditation and/or yourself and learn to incorporate it into your daily Life for the benefit of your overall Well-Being.

How much does a Meditation Session cost?

Meditation Private Session Prices:

  • 1 Hour: (per person)

  • Half Hour: (per person)

How do I schedule a Meditation Guidance Session?

If you are interested in a Private Session with Kymberly in her St.Petersburg Fl., Studio, please fill out ALL the boxes on the Contact Form located on the right hand side of the page.

Then CLICK on the blue SCHEDULE SESSION button to email your inquiries. We will get get back to you at the earliest convenience Monday- Friday to schedule an appointment.


I do NOT diagnose, make predictions, or claim to heal. A Meditation Guidance Session is not meant to replace any medical treatments or advice from a medical professional. My hope is that a Meditation Guidance session enhances your well being in some small or large way. Please know that my intentions are always pure and come from loving, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and respectful place for each recipient. I am here to share my Meditation gifts with those open, willing, and ready to let go of that which no longer serves their highest good and begin to learn to Live in Harmony.


Forbes Article: 7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change Your Brain by Alice G. Walton


Fill in all the boxes below and then press the blue Schedule Session button to send via email. You will receive a reply as soon as possible Monday-Friday.

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